Master Blend Family Farms, LLC 

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All natural pork that is humanely raised and free of antibiotics, hormones, & synthetic pesticides.  All products are processed with no artificial ingredients.

Food safety is important to everyone!

We always provide safe and healthy food products.  After all, the food we produce goes on our tables too.

Antibiotic Usage Policy

Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and other requirements to which Master Blend subscribes is the responsibility of every Master Blend affiliate. The antibiotic usage policy refers to all employees responsible for dispensing, delivering and administering antibiotics.

Our antibiotic usage policy states:  Homeopathic herbal or other non-antibiotic alternative treatments are preferred.  If required by veterinarian, antibiotic administration adheres to all applicable laws, including the Food and Drug Administration's Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act regarding any extra-label drug use.  Any animals treated with antibiotics are held at least twice the required withdrawal period.

Boston Butt


Whole Fresh Ham

3-5 lbs fresh ham                 $2.30/lb

Sliced Pork Steaks

1 lbs. Sliced Boston Butt     $5.00

Whole Fresh Shoulder

3 - 5 lbs fresh shoulder        $2.30/lb

Whole Fresh Boston Butt

3 - 5 lbs fresh boston butt    $2.30/lb


2 - 3 lbs tenderloin               $6.00/lb.

Fresh Ham


Pork Ribs

Other Cuts

Pork Chops

5 pcs regular cut chops     $6.00

4 pcs thick cut chops        $6.00

Rack of Ribs

1 rack of spare ribs     $12.00

Pig Feet

4 pieces (2 feet)     $3.50

Pig Tails

4 pcs pig tails     $3.50

Neck Bones

1 - 2 lbs. neck bones     $3.50

Ham Hocks

4 pcs ham hocks     $3.50

You do not want to miss these chops!!!! New menu item going on the wood fire grill tonight. Check it out at 18 Seaboard!!


Pulled Pork Burger

Meat Package 1  $25.00

1-loose sausage, 1-stuffed sausage, 1-pork chop, 1-hamburger, 1-pig feet or pig tail, 1-beef neck bone

Meat Package 2  $50.00

2-loose sausage, 2-stuffed sausage, 2-pork chops, 2-hamburger, 1-neck bone, 1-fresh ham, 2-pig feet, pig tail or ham hocks, 1-beef neck bone

Meat Package 3  $75.00

3-loose sausage, 3-stuffed sausage, 2-pork chops, 3-hamburger, 1-neck bone, 1-stew beef, 1-fresh ham, 2-pig feet, pig tail or ham hocks, 1-beef neck bone

Meat Package 4  $100.00

3-loose sausage, 3-stuffed sausage, 3-pork chops, 3-hamburger, 2-neck bone, 1-fresh ham, 1-fresh picnic shoulder, 1-stew beef, 1-beef short rib, 2-pig feet, pig tail or ham hocks, 1-beef neck bone

Fresh Sausage


  Stuffed  &  Bulk Sausages                                                

Fresh Bulk Sausage Mild & Hot

1 lb package of fresh loose sausage     $4.00

Fresh Breakfast Links

1 lb packages with a little kick     $5.00

Fresh Sausage in Casing Mild & Hot

1 lb package of sausage in casing     $4.00

Thick Sliced Bacon

Fresh Brown Eggs

1 Dozen


Bar B Q Hogs                       Call for pricing     Includes processing; same delivery fees apply


***Equivalent substitutions may be made because of availability


***There will be a delivery fee added of $10 for all orders delivered within 30 miles of our farm. Over 30 miles adds additional $5 per each 10 miles over.